How to earn 100 thousand on Instagram if you are not a blogger

Professions related to remote work are gaining popularity. And more and more freelancers are thinking about how to make money on Instagram. Almost every company whose owner strives to develop through modern technologies is represented on the Internet and the social network – Instagram. Account management is handled by managers. On the Instagram account, training is conducted online. Those who want to earn income, business owners, can master the profession remotely, get followers on instagram.

How to earn money on Instagram
There are many options to increase your finances on the Internet. There are many ways to earn money on Instagram:

profile monetization – selling content, advertising, affiliate programs, products, creating your own brand;
the management of all other accounts, content writing, administration, promotion and selling popular pages;
provision of services – graphics and photos to order, audit.
Before you start working, you should choose your preferred line of business. Each option is attractive in its own way.

What kind of specialist is an Instagram administrator?
This is a manager who knows how to properly issue, fill out, and promote an account. Some are engaged in promoting their own blog independently. But a professional administrator differs from an amateur in the ability to quickly adjust, predict the course of events and have a wide range of knowledge.

The manager knows how to promote the product, attract users, how to keep the audience loyal, which hashtags to choose. Prepares content and photos, monitors, analyzes the statistics of your account. In case of theft and blocking of the profile, a specialist helps with its recovery.

How much can you earn
A novice Instagram administrator receives 4-5 thousand rubles a month for maintaining one account. If he has 3 blogs in his work, the salary will be 12,000 rubles. The services of a professional manager who has been trained cost from 20,000 rubles per account and above. He can keep 5-6 blogs.

The earnings of a specialist depend on a number of factors:

difficulties of work;
range of responsibilities;
number of accounts;
The Instagram manager independently regulates the download and determines how much he plans to spend on administration. You can spend 1-2 hours daily, earn 10 thousand rubles, or spend all day working, improve your skills, reach the income level-100-200 thousand rubles.

How to become an Instagram administrator
First, you should decide whether this direction is suitable for personal qualities and character.

The next step is to learn how to earn money on Instagram from scratch, after completing the training. The final stage is the design of the portfolio, the search for customers. You should not take on large, expensive orders. It is better to start with simple works for further advertising.

Where to get training
The institute does not have such a specialty, distance learning can be done online. The listener will receive instructions:

how to become an Instagram administrator;
how to start earning a beginner without investment;
where to find customers;
how to work with clients;
the formula for earning 100 thousand rubles;
five steps to the first profit.
You should subscribe to thematic communities, blogs, and listen to lectures. You will have to learn constantly, fixing the theory in practice. In parallel, you need to find the first customers and get good reviews. For a quick increase in income, it is advisable to take paid courses – prices for them start from 8 thousand rubles. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, learning is easier and more effective than collecting information bit by bit on your own.

I strongly do not recommend buying paid training without getting acquainted with the profession at a free training or course! First, make sure that the direction is really suitable, like it and the interest will not disappear after a few classes.

On my own, I advise you to choose more narrow and profitable areas, for example, advertising on Instagram. There are fewer problems, more income. I studied advertising at the village of Dyakova, and I recommend it. Free training for review here

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